SismOcean – Land and Marine site surveys using geophysics

SismOcean is a company offering services for land and marine site surveys using geophysics..
It was created in 2003 by three associates geologist and geophysicist.
This company is entirely independent.
We would be pleased to provide you with all the information you could wish on our company. Please do not hesitate to contact us. All our contacts details are available in the contact page of this web site.

SismOcean has all the equipements to perform the marine surveys (sled, winch, Air compressor 200 bars, Air bottles, Ombilical, Mini G Gun SODERA – SERCEL, hydrophones streamers 2m (Fc 8Hz) and 5m (Fc 1.5 Hz)).

A new land equipement to peforme quickly seismic refraction, surface wave (Rayleigh wave), cavities detection. These equipments are well adapted for big linear and area of surveys:

    • 4 seismic recorders Geometrics GEODES (4 x 24 channels)
    • MGOS Soflware (Geometrics)
    • 130 geophones 4.5 Hz
    • 4 treamers for 24 receivers from 1 to 3 meters equally spaced (from 95 to 285 meters length)
    • 4 “flûtes” de 24 récepteurs espacés régulièrement de 2 mètres (190 m de long)
    • 4 streamers for 24 receivers 2 meters equally spaced (190 meters length).

Argentina – Patagonia Tierra del fuego

Pipeline route survey: 50 km of marine seismic refraction and surface wave


Marine seismic refraction

Onde de surface marine (UMASW)

Marine surface wave (UMASW)

Combination of both surveys for the interpretation

Geological and geophysical surveys
All over the world