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Geology and geophysics : our services cover all types of land and marine site surveys.

We perform site surveys all over the world. We also work as Client Rep or as expert on geophysical methods.

Our high level skills in signal processing allow us to solve complex problems in a very efficient way.

SismOcean was created in July 2003, and offer a wide range of solutions for near surface surveys. Our solutions are perfectly well integrated in development projects, as well as construction, or non destructive control.

Édouard Mouton

PhD in Underwater Acoustics, from the National Institute of Science (INSA) in Lyon. 8 years of experience in acoustics, then in geophysics. Started his professional experience in the Underwater Acoustics Department of Lyon University. Managed geophysical and noise monitoring campaigns. Developed a number of data processing software.

Following several years working on underwater acoustics, he worked as a geophysicist for Thalès GeoSolutions France during two years. He then created SismOcean with J.Adamy and G.Durand in July 2003.

His expertise is in the design of data acquisition systems, online and offline data processing software, and data forward modeling or data inversion.

His strong mathematical backgrounds allows him to keep a high level processing and imaging of geological near surface features.

Grégory Durand

Geologist from the National School of Geology, Nancy, France. 9 years of experience in geology and geophysics. Started his professional experience with EDG.

He then worked Geodia, FondaSol, CEBTP, Guyanor, Fugro and Thalès Géosolutions, and then created SismOcean with J.Adamy and E.Mouton in July 2003.

He managed a large number of geophysical surveys in France and abroad, in very different environments. He is able to mobilize, run and manage a geophysical survey, offshore as well as inshore.

He easily integrates all geological parameters of the environment in order to obtain the best data quality from the acquisition.

Aristide Broqua

Engineer in geophysics, graduated from the University of Grenoble Alpes (Master Earth Sciences and Environment Geophysical Specialty). Started his practice of geophysics as an independent and working in the service of different companies both in France and all over the world.

These different missions in earth geophysics led him to work with geophysical methods such as geological radar, electrical methods (ERT, PS), seismic refraction and MASW, microgravimetry.

His knowledge of geology allows him to integrate the results obtained with local geological conditions.

Integrated in SismOcean he conducted several studies requiring the coordination between several teams, the planning of measurements and the exchanges with the customer.

Geological and geophysical surveys

All over the world

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