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SNCF (french railway) – Underground cavities detection (DCOS).

Using the results obtained during the campaigns that we have performed to detect the underground cavities by the DCOS method, SNCF made two papers for conferences : Technical day CFMS (28/01/2009), JNGG08 (17-19/06/2008) (in French).

LRPC Saint Brieuc (22)

AGAP 2008 : applied geophysic for the underground , risks, environmental and new technology (22-23 Octobre 2008, CETE, Aix en Provence)

Mapping of the risk of cavities on the area of Chartres de Bretagne and Bruz (France – 35). The use of the geophysical tools (LRPC Saint Brieuc – Lithologic – SismOcean). In french


4th ICEGE – International Conference Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (Thessaloniki – Greece 2007)

  • 4 ICEGE (2007) – New developments in application of underwater MASW (DAPPOLONIA – SismOcean). Article (pdf).

Geocongress 2006 (Atlanta – USA)

  • Geocongress 2006 – Underwater application of spectral analysis of surface wave (DAPPOLONIA – SismOcean). Article (pdf), Poster (pdf).

SismOcean : Congrès

Near Surface Geoscience Athens – Greece 2014 (site) Combination of Seismic Refraction and Marine Surface Wave to Characterize Near Surface Marine Sediments – E. Mouton (SismOcean SARL) & D. Robert (DGEP/DEV/TEC/GEO)

National Symposium on Acoustics: Mysore – India 2014 ( Program of the symposium (pdf) Quantitative Imaging using surface acoustic waves, Manell E. Zakharia (French Embassy in India, IIT Jodhpur) and Edouard Mouton (SismOcean SARL)

Geofcan 2007 – IRD (site) Cavities detection and localisation in dam, using surface wave and DCOS. Application to an experimental area at Agly (66). (SismOcean – CEMAGREF). In french

AGAP 2006 – Besançon

The use of the surface wave for the cavities detection and localisation under the railways – DCOS. (SismOcean – SNCF). In french

GEO 2006 – Barhain

Land surface wave: A quantitative tool (SismOcean).

Underwater Multichannel Analysis Surface Wave – U-MASW (SismOcean).

Geofcan 2003

Presentation of results about the surface wave, the measurement of the shear wave velocity, the computation of the shear modulus Gmax, using the measurement of the microtremor (natural or anthropic seismic noise). In french

SismOcean : Newspapers and magazines

Réunion island. Geophysical survey using marine refraction and surface wave for a coastal road project.


Le quotidien Ile de la Réunion


Journal : Le Marin

Magazines: Mer et Littoral




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