Our Activities

We are involved when a better knowledge of the site conditions is a key element for geotechnical or environmental projects.We investigate near surface sub soil conditions using geophysics.

We also provide assistance to our clients when our technical expertise is a key element for their projects.

We do inshore, nearshore and offshore surveys.

Our clients are involved in the following types of business:

Civil work, environment

  • Site surveys for civil engineering
  • Industrial site surveys
  • Site surveys for foundation engineering
  • Seismic microzoning
  • Road, railways, cable/pipeline route surveys
  • Search of water, fracturation zones, metallic objets
  • Underground geological anomalies detection and localization (voids, cavities, karsts, under consolidated areas,…)
  • Linear surveys, evaluation of the roadways, railways, tracks and tunnels, localization of voids to prevent soils subsidence
  • Embankment evaluation

Marine Projects

  • Site surveys for harbour development
  • Pipeline and cable route surveys
  • Site surveys for oil and gas production facilities
  • Site surveys for anchoring areas
  • Surveys of lakes, lagoons, dam reservoirs, rivers

We work everywhere in the world

On the map here below, by clicking on the SismOcean’s logos you will have a short description of the surveys performed.