DCOS, Case studies results

Linear result - French railways (SNCF)

Measurement are performed on the railways. Results in the form of vertical profiles (depth in function of the distance). Geological anomalies are represented with cold and warm contour color.

2D Cartography

French railways at constant depth (10 and 15 m)
The results in vertical profiles are used to represent in 2D the slices at constant depth (10 and 15 m for the example presented here below). The geological anomalies are represented using cold and warm contour color.

Oil tanker

The equipment used has permitted to perform the measurements inside and outside of the oil tanker to keep the continuity.

Underground quarry (Bernay, 76), depth investigation until 30m

On a site test, the measurement has permitted to show the geological anomaly connected to the presence of underground quarry located at 27 m of depth.

3D DCOS visualization

The geo-referenced 2D results permit a 3D visualization in order to emphasize the connections between the geological anomalies.